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*Although our prices are for 7 days please ask for shorter or longer stays. We will accommodate your request whenever possible.

*Subject to Confirmation of Ability To Travel & Resort Being Open Post Covid-19

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All bookings require a refundable damage deposit of £200.00 payable at time of final payment.


Sunday 20th December 2020£1250
Sunday 27th December 2020£1350
Sunday 3rd January 2021£800
Sunday January 10th 2021£800
Sunday January 17th 2021£800
Sunday January 24th 2021£800
Sunday January 31st 2021£1050
Sunday February 7th 2021£1350
Sunday February 14th 2021£1350
Sunday February 21st 2021£1050
Sunday February 28th 2021£1050
Sunday March 7th 2021£1050
Sunday March 14th 2021£950
Sunday March 21st 2021£950
Sunday March 28th 2021£950
Sunday April 4th 2021£1000
Sunday April 11th 2021£800
Sunday April 18th 2021£650



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